Our Standards

Equal Opportunity

Supporting different individuals & communities that are marginalised (excluded) from economic & social opportunities, being subject to discrimination usually due to factors like gender, age, ethnicity and income, among others. Aiming to give these minority groups equal opportunities through employment and creating a fun and safe space in the process.

Non Profit Driven

Engaging with different brands from around the world that are non profit driven, and are instead focused on creating impact through social and environmental improvements, which is done by reinvesting the earnings back into their brand missions.

Ethical Practices

Partnering with brands and artisans that operate with ethical practices, functioning within a framework that is based off of the fair trade principles and that we at Alaria find important and necessary to follow:

  • Transparency & accountability 
  • Fair payment 
  • No child labour, no forced labour & adequate working hours
  • No discrimination, gender equality and freedom of association 
  • Good & safe working conditions 
  • Investing in capacity building 
  • Respect for the environment & engaging in sustainable & clean production practices  (think less or no harmful substances, low water consumption, clean energy and more)

Conscious Materials

Working with fabrics that create lower impacts on the environment and the people who make them, choosing only conscious materials. Brands that opt for natural, organic, recycled and innovative materials. Some also opt for vegetable & plant based dyes

Cultural Maintenance

Working with artisans that enable traditions to be kept alive, allowing for cultural maintenance to take place by ensuring for these dying traits to be passed down through generations to come and maintaining them in the process. This in turn gives them the opportunity to bring them to a wider market, without being exploited or appropriated.


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