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Yogasana has been making cotton rugs for around 20 years. Being experts in cotton weaving, they focused their energy into making and crafting a mat dedicated to the practice of yoga. Yogasana’s  ethos is based on the natural, grounding practise of yoga, where they invite their customers  to question the conventional use of rubber mats. 

Their main question is: If yogis are supposed to embrace and be one with the earth, why do many Western yoga practitioners use ‘sticky’ mats made of harmful PVC-containing plastics? The Yogasana mat is asked to be looked at as one’s ‘foundation’. The stronger and more grounded your connection to the earth, the better the results achieved in your practice, and this all begins with your ‘foundation’ or your mat.

Yogasana work with master weavers near the ancient city of Benaas, situated on the West bank of the Gnages, now modern-day Varanasi. Each mat takes 3 days to weave and is done completely by hand. The mat spends 3 days on the loom of a master weaver, being carefully crafted by dedicated & knowledgeable artisans. 

After the mat is finished a card is attached, bearing the name of the weaver. This signature, in Hindi, represents the ‘hand-off’ to the yogi who will own the mat, intending to strengthen  the connection between weaver and yogi. . Practising yoga on your handmade mat connects you not only to earth but to the hand that made the mat, further strengthening this global sphere of connected communities.

The practice of yoga requires a sense of purity and a connection to nature, which can be heightened and fulfilled through the use of our natural cotton mats. Yoga is about a connection with the earth & ourselves and Yogasana yoga mats helps create the unity between the two. Using a mat made out of natural materials provides an eco-friendly source of support and allows the subtle energies to flow during the asanas.


How we partner

Yoga is a newly introduced, yet big, part of our Community. Therefore, sourcing a beautiful, durable & efficient yoga mat that is carefully created by hard working hands of artisan communities in India, was a natural fit to join our gateway. 

Your support and purchases ensure this ancient weaving artform that is practiced by master weavers will be passed onto future generations of weavers. At the same time it enables the development of the products while better encompassing the true essence of yoga.


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