Siblings Army

What They’re About

During their world travels, Sisters Kina and Lele from the Canary Islands fell in love with Peru. With its rich heritage, beautiful colours and the warmth of the people, they decided to stay. They discovered the ancient craft of Aguayos, handmade Peruvian fabrics which were passed on from one generation to the next. These fabrics were uniquely handmade by the hands of the indigenous Peruvian people, but the skill was dying out. 

After two and a half years of searching, the sisters found a skilled community that was willing to work with them. That is when they finally created their own collection of unique pieces in modern cuts, whilst using these traditional, handmade Peruvian fabrics & empowering the skill to remain alive within their communities.

Their goal is to create pieces unlike the mass produced fashion world that we live in today. Siblings army aims to make you feel special with one-of-a-kind pieces, made in limited quantity & high quality.

These skilled artisan women in Peruvian communities make natural dyes from plants, vegetables and even nuts, which creates a wide variety of magnificent colours shown in each of their products. 

They even use a native Cochineal insect to create colours of reds, indigo for the blues and carobs for browns. Investing in their beautiful pieces encourages the wonderful woman of Wiloq in Peru to keep producing fun and stylish products for consumers across the world to be enjoyed in their everyday life. By merging Peruvian fabrics with modern day cuts ‘Siblings Army’ are the epitome of style, individuality and tradition.

Siblings Army have created a new kind of ‘handmade’ by using a variety of different materials. From bovine leather, loom made of baby Alpaca, canvas and merchandise cotton to name a few. With their carefully crafted details it takes around 1 month to create these beautiful handmade products.


How we partner

We find Sibling Army’s products to be the true epitome of chic style mixed with ethics – and since we try to partner up with a mix of different brands and traditions, Sibling’s Army fits right in. Preserving traditional skill is so important to us and we are thrilled  to find a brand that not only safe guards their artisans & their tradition but also transforms such ideas into a hip and trendy line ready to be worn by any customer for any occasion. We are so in love with each and every product by Sibling’s Army, their colours, materials and flare make them a perfect add on to our Community.


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