Matr Boomie

What They’re About

Matr Boomie is a fair trade company creating collections that blend the traditional artforms of India with timeless and modern design aesthetic, with the aim of bringing people and cultures closer together.  It was founded by Manish Gupta & Ruchi Agrawal, following their individual experiences that inspired them to be a part of the positive change within the fashion industry. 

On a trip back to his native India after years living in the United States, Manish Gupta was struck by the extreme material poverty of his homeland. With a deep respect for the rich culture and the untapped potential of rural Indians, Manish realised that his curiosity could help bridge these two seemingly disparate worlds. He felt he had a role to play. Ruchi Agrawal followed a similar path. After a career working as a designer with export houses in India, where she was a first hand witness to the constant cycle of worker exploitation, Ruchi wanted to play an active role in breaking that cycle. 

On a fateful “arranged” date, Manish and Ruchi discovered their shared aspirations to create a more kind and fair world. Needless to say, the date went well and the duo began collaborating on what would soon become Matr Boomie. Starting from the somewhat simple idea of harnessing the creative potential of artisans in India as a means to create social change,over a decade later it has grown into a leading fair-trading company and innovator in ethical, sustainable business, with a a partnership network of over 1,000 artisans throughout India.

Founders Ruchi Agrawal and Manish Gupta have partnered with grassroots organisations to transform unskilled women and men into community artisans. Manish and Ruchi personally ensured that the materials and processes used in production were safe for people and kind to the land. With the help of family, a team in India was established to guarantee efficient communications and high-quality production. On the other side of the globe, a team in Austin was gathered to design custom collections, while honouring the culture and craft of the Indian artisans. 

Matr Boomie works directly with marginalised communities to generate economic opportunities, while ensuring that safe workspaces are created & that all materials and processes used are safe for the people and kind to the land.

Every product is uniquely crafted in a stylish & effortless way using materials that effectively capture this. Being an environmentally friendly company, Matr Boomie works to improve the artisans creative process.

Their goal is to  eliminate toxic exposure, reduce water and fuel while  relying on natural & upcycled materials that are sourced in a socially & environmentally responsible manner. Their artisans are masters in soap making, bell craft, chindi, embroidery, basket weaving, block print, crochet, jewellery, leather craft, pottery and Rajasthan weaving to name a few.


How we partner

Partnering with Matr Boomie was a natural endeavour as their handmade items fit perfectly into our gateway. Their range of home items introduced us to a new world of unique handmade home goods. We love their ethos and philosophy and believe that their wide range of handmade items connect perfectly  to our ever-growing Community. Purchasing Matr Boomie supports the livelihoods of artisans throughout India who have been handcrafting artisan goods for generations. 

Partnering up with Matr Boomie helps to create a more connected link between their world and yours, the makers & the wearers. In the process, as they focus a lot on driving social change through the business, the partnership helps to support women’s groups, minorities, people with special needs, urban slums and isolated rural communities to empower artisan work through employment,  care and ultimately love.

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