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At Kazi, they believe in the idea that everyone deserves to make a fair wage to support themselves and those around them, no matter where they are in the world. Through time and through their constant support, they help improve the lives of the artisans and the communities they work with. In the process, Kazi have created employment for 3,600 artisans and positively impacted more than 19,000 families and 100,000 community members. Through all this, they managed to create a sustainable enterprise where a family’s income is permanently improved.

The craft used in making Kazi products stems from a long tradition that has been passed through the hands of mothers to their daughters for centuries. Each item is of high quality, handcrafted and naturally sourced work of art created by an experienced weaver. The first steps involve a labor-intensive process in which the leaves of the sisal plant are stripped, revealing the useful threads inside. Using water to loosen them and a machete blade to separate them, weavers work to carefully break the fibers down into individual strands. The process of weaving is intricate. The white sisal now act as a blank canvas for another important step before the weaving begins – the dyeing process. Often, groups of weavers gather together, turning their fiber dyeing into a collaborative event.

A high -quality basket begins with locally sourced materials and resources that are accessible to weavers. With leaves that can grow several feet long, sisal is a perfect source of the long, strong fibers needed to weave a basket. Sisal fibers are wound around thin bundles of sweet grass, and secured stitch by stitch into a tiny coil. The col grows as the process continues, and the weaver incorporates differently colored sisal threads into careful patterns or designs. Dyes are addedto boiling water brewing in large metal pots. The artisans stir and wait, ensuring fibers are perfectly infused with the dye. When the shade is just right, the brilliantly colored fibers are hung like laundry to dry, and the construction process can finally begin.


How we partner

Expanding our product range to these beautifully crafted home products was a natural next step. Each one of our carefully curated collection is loved & truly encompasses the dedication and commitment by the artisans. We cannot get enough of them and partnering up with Kazi was a match made in heaven.


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