House of Wandering Silk

What They’re About

After having done humanitarian work around the world, Katherine Neumann fell in love with the concept of bringing authentic, ethical & beautiful textile-based products to the market using upcycled, handmade and vintage materials whilst ensuring standards of the highest quality. That is when she created House of Wandering Silk.   

Neumann founded the company based on the idea put forth by Mahatma Gandhi – “there is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger & unhappiness”. Today, its mission is to represent marginalised women producers and artisans from all regions of Asia, showcasing a range of weaving and embroidery techniques & skills. They work with different partners to reimagine the most beautiful textile traditions through the hand crafting of one of a kind, zero waste & small batch textiles, clothing & accessories. In doing so, they also share the stories and heritage behind each artisan and product, ensuring to create connections between the skill & its trade. 

House of Wandering Silk believes that the story behind each product is just as beautiful as the product itself. It shows pride in making sure each artisan is mentioned, respected and cared for in every way possible. Their hands tell a story, and that story is then worn by consumers who care.

House of Wandering Silk work with carefully & intentionally selected organisations that are audited by their team to ensure that they share & implement the same vision: to provide fairly-pai, dignified & sustainable livelihood opportunities to marginalised women, with the objective of empowering then to achieve economic independence & create better lives for themselves, their families & their communities.

Investing in relationships with producer groups & artisans has been key to building long-term partners; over time, this has evolved into a strong, country-wide network with a wide range of organisations.

These partners include individuals & organisations; from independent craftspeople, designers & family-run businesses, to women’s Self Help Groups, cooperatives, non governmental & non profit associations, and social enterprises, to a trade union with two million members.  

Through this process, House of Wandering Silk makes accessible high-quality products made by a vast range of communities who are supported, educated, empowered, inspired & connected. They work with artisans throughout India, as well as in Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Laos.

Protecting the environment we live in also plays a big part of House of Wandering Silk’s vision. Having the use of waste, upcycled, handmade and vintage materials at the foundation of their designs, they have intrinsically taken a regenerative approach towards their materials & manufacturing processes. 

By using materials that already exist on our planet, they are reducing the high demand of materials that create a heavy impact on our planet. In doing so, House of Wandering Silk are also prolonging or possibly even avoiding the material’s potential end life in landfill. 

With these materials they then experiment with different traditional techniques including natural dyes, intricate weaving, block printing and embroidery to name a few.


How we partner

As one of the firsts to be carefully selected for our Community, we felt energetically drawn to House of Wandering Silk & their core values. Their silk kaftans are some of our favorite products to date, providing pure beauty through their intricate work, soft touch and attentive detail. 

In selling their products, we are supporting the bigger picture of their mission, helping to provide jobs for vulnerable communities, to keep ancient & traditional skills alive & in practice while creating handmade products by hard working & dedicated hands. It’s no wonder that our partnership was a match made in heaven!


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