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Our Mission

Here at Alaria we have created an international gateway that shines a light on ethically sourced products to a give a voice to artisan communities from across the world. With this we can provide an international marketplace for conscious buyers and create a community with like minded people in the process.

It is our belief that fewer hands make a bigger difference and with this at our basic core, we strive to make sure that each product serves its part of social responsibility. Alaria intends to focus on communicating the stories behind the clothes and the hands behind the products. We pose the questions “who made your clothes?” And “what conditions were they working under?”

We partner up with small brands across the world which in turn, keeps the traditional crafts alive whilst providing an income for the artisans they work with. With the brands we work with, we try raise awareness to our consumers that traditional weaving, fabrics and techniques can be enjoyed, loved and praised worldwide without the cost of human lives or harm to the environment we live in. We want you to love the clothes and honor the people that made them.

Our community is provided with a gateway to the international market of fairly traded and artisanal products from around the globe by connecting them through the digital world. This is how we at Alaria Connect our Communities, by creating a friendly space in order to have a positive impact and in turn inspire a sense of connection between the people who made our clothes and those who wear them.

The Alaria Philosophies:


1. We strive for progress not perfection

2. We believe in quality over quantity

3. We work with brands that pay their artisans or factory workers fairly

4. We work with brands that give their artisans or factory workers adequate working hours.

5. We work with brands that shun the use of child labor and work fairly and equally with their workers with no discrimination and good working conditions

6. We aim to respect the environment we live in and try our hardest to protect and care for this beautiful land

7. We scout out brands that give opportunities to marginalised communities and push for full transparency with the brands we work with & also with our community here

8. We believe stories are the building blocks for craftsmanship

9. We believe in balance and growth

10. We create a safe space and have fun doing so


What is Fair Trade?

Fair trade addresses the injustices of conventional trade, which traditionally marginalizes against the poorest, weakest producers. It is a movement with the aim of alleviating poverty and encouraging sustainable development by establishing a transparent supply chain from the farmers to the artisans to the end consumer.

We believe in respect. It provides better pay, decent working conditions, local sustainability and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world. We want to support producers from underdeveloped countries through selling their lovingly-made, handcrafted work and enabling them to improve their position by earning a fair wage.

We are fully aware that the official Fair Trade certificate is not available to all artisanal communities and ethical brands across the globe. This is mostly due to the lack of funds and resources that our connected communities have. We choose to look beyond the certifications and also work with communities who are aligned with and practice Fair Trade principles. We work hard to ensure that these practices are upheld by us and our whole community.

When making the choice to buy Fair Trade, you have the power to make a change. With simple purchasing choices, you can give farmers and artisans a greater quality of life. They can provide for their families and communities and as a consequence, improve the future for the next generation.


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