Why Handmade Matters

We live in a world where mass production is at the forefront of everything – and let us make it clear, we aren’t here to paint a negative picture on that because we understand the necessity of certain things. We are just here to give another option to an ever-growing consumer society. So why does handmade matter?

World Humanitarian Day came and went, and we find it essential to keep the message of that day alive. Numerous communities face devastating circumstances by so many catastrophic factors that we find it unfortunate to bring light to those situations and their communities for one day only. Here at Alaria, handmade by marginalised and vulnerable communities is at our core. We partner up with brands who work with such artisan Communities and guarantee they provide them with fairer pay, sufficient working hours, and a safe working environment. As a result, these artisans strive to provide a better life for themselves and their families.

At the heart of handmade, love is essentially the secret and pinnacle ingredient. Have you ever eaten something made by a friend or family member and somehow found it tasted a whole lot better than that packed cake you could have bought at your neighbourhood convenience store? Well, that is because it is made purely out of love, and love is magical.  When you hand-make something, a part of your existence and a part of your love goes into making it, which is then transferred to and valued by its new owner.

As a society, we are accustomed to having things immediately, without any interest in where it came from or who made it. By appreciating the stories behind an item, we slowly move away from looking at that product as merely disposable. Instead, we look at it as an item handmade with love, which we need to care for rather than throw away when it doesn’t serve us anymore. Look at it as a transfer of energy. An artisan crafts an item that takes time and dedication; all their love and passion is put into that one handmade product; every bit of material is scrutinised and analysed by their delicate eye; and once completed, it is happily packed, ready to be sent to its beloved owner. Finally, there is a transfer of energy to its new keeper. By understanding the process of handcrafting an item, you will inevitably care for it with as much love as the artisan put into making it.

So why does handmade matter? It matters because it tells us to stop for a second and admire the slowness of life. It offers us a new understanding of things, removing the conception that items are easily disposable. Handmade grants us uniqueness, as no two items are the same, and that in every stitch, there is a story ready to be told. I don’t know about you, but a unique and custom product; handmade by vulnerable communities who desperately need the work; crafted in a slow and timely manner; under a roof that’s filled with security and safety; and handmade with one of the most important necessities in life (love); sounds like a pretty good deal to me!



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