Celebrating all Mamma’s

If this time has taught us anything, it is to slow down, take a breath and appreciate those around us. While news reports continue to remind us all of the problems around the world, the time we have spent at home has gifted us with valuable life lessons – we have learnt to be more resourceful, less wasteful and spend time together like never before without busy schedules getting in the way. Meanwhile the environment has flourished, gas emissions have reduced, rivers have begun running clear again and wildlife has thrived uninterrupted.

We baked, we read, we sat in the sun and practiced self-care. Simple acts of kindness like making cups of tea, sending groceries to the elderly and clapping for our hospital staff showed us a little goes a long way. And while we went back to basics, we rang up our family and friends and skyped our grandparents without the abrupt ending of “I’ve got to go, I’m running late.”

This Sunday we celebrate Mother’s Day. Though it may not be like other mother’s days we have celebrated in the past, it might be the most important one yet – a day amidst all the uncertainty to stop and say thank you for all they have done.

At Alaria, we pride ourselves on wanting to make a difference in the world by sourcing the highest quality ethical and sustainable products for our conscious buyers. We have handpicked a few gift options to brighten your mum’s day which includes our latest range of beautiful tassel earrings from our Cambodian artisans at Penh Lenh. Each item is lovingly handmade to create luxurious statement earrings finished in ethically-sourced 14 carat gold and local cotton thread available in a range of this seasons freshest colours from soft coral pink, cool matcha green to rich mulberry red. We have also added new necklaces and bracelets to go with the collection.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend, whether you are able to spend it together or are apart. This will one day be over and once we can walk out of our doors again; we hope to take a little piece of what we learnt forward into the new world.

– By Arabella Hogg

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